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Travel Insurance

Whether you are traveling internationally for work, school or vacation, why not have peace of mind that your health care will be covered. Policies are available for both short and extended stays. Click to shop for the right policy.


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Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Supplements your existing health insurance coverage by helping pay expenses for hospital stays. Depending on the plan, hospital indemnity insurance gives you  cash payments to help you pay for the added expenses
that may come while you recover.

Final Expense Insurance

Also sometimes called “funeral insurance” or “burial insurance,” final expense life insurance typically provides a guaranteed payout to help loved ones pay for a funeral service, burial or cremation, doctor or hospital bills, or other immediate expenses after a death.

Cancer, Heart Attack, or Stroke Plus Insurance Can help you handle medical plan deductibles, co-pays and other out-of-pocket costs; non-medical expenses such as transportation to treatment facilities; even everyday living expenses such as groceries, rent and mortgage payments

We Make it Simple

We take a complicated subject and make it easy for you, so you can make smart decisions about your Medicare options.

We're Client Focused

We listen to your needs, and analyze them to help you find the right plan for you.


We are contracted with multiple insurance companies. Instead of having you fit into one, particular plan, we find the plan that’s a fit for you.

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When you become our client, we are available to answer any questions you may have.

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Consultations have no fees and no obligations.

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We believe in good customer service and forming a long-term partnership with you.

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Travel Insurance

Long Term Care

Medicare Made Easy

Medicare is very complicated and can seem overwhelming. We break it down in an easy and understandable way to help you make smart decisions about your Medicare options. We take the confusion away making Medicare easy.